Christmas and holiday shopping ideas in Vancouver

The Christmas shopping season is upon us. Looking for Christmas gift ideas? 

 Whether for you, your friends or your family, these Swarovski ornaments serve as a sparkling memento of the best moments of the year.

  The holiday season is the perfect time to make your loved ones’ – and your own – wishes come true.

You can shop Swarovski ornaments at Once Again Resale, just because here is where  you will find the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your Christmas shopping list.

Consignment Shopping Experience In Vnacovuer

Of all the consignment shops in Vancouver BC, none are like Once Again Resale Consignment. Not only do we have men and women  designer labels clothing, high quality accessories and jewelry, but Once Again Resale also has excellent consignment accountability, outstanding customer service, and personal shopper service in a warm friendly environment that no other shop offers.

Once Again Resale Consignment has been voted best consignment shop in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 1992 with good reason. Once Again Resale never lets clients leave with merchandise that is not perfectly suited to their style and taste. Customer satisfactory comes first than the sales at Once Again Resale. – not the sale. They always want you to be complimented on your sense of style because that’s what draws you back to their store. Fashion forward style, great customer service, affordable prices and high quality merchandise best describes Once Again Resale Consignment.

Vancouver Designer consignment

 Once Again Resale is Vancouver leading high-end designer consignment store with the absolute best brand name designers in fashion ~  for less.

This Salvatore Ferragamo Angello Lambskin Satchel retails for a hefty $1350 and it's available at Once Again Resale.

   The only difference is that the discount price is significantly lower than the original retail price. 

If you are looking for  the best quality of authentic consignment merchandise in the city, Once Again Resale has every high-end designer consignment under the sun!

Your desire high end consignment shopping

 The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that Once Again Resale has adopted and strongly believes in.
 Basically it means that we all are capable of creating the exact life that we want, simply by thinking positive thoughts and being vigilant about visualizing our dreams.
  Oprah Winfrey and many other fabulously successful people live by these principals.
 Once Again Resale, home of upscale luxury consignment store in Vancouver with stock full of high end designer handbags, trendy designer clothing, and attractive estate jewelry is here to help you get all the things you want out of life.
  Visit Once Again Resale simply because you can always find top quality consignment clothing, accessories, scarves, belts, jewellery, hats, shoes and purses at affordable prices.

Vancouver trusted professional consignment service

Think about Sotheby’s or Christies, the two most famous and prestigious auction houses in the world. Think about what they do, the service they provide to their valued customers.

The answer is simple in that they are the trusted professionals wealthy people turn to when they want to sell their most valuable and treasured possessions.

I provides the same service for  my customers at Once Again, but instead of dealing in Van Gogh, Renoir and Picasso I deal with designer consignment from Chanel, Hermés and Cartiér to name but a few.

Consignment is often mistaken as a term that describes second-hand or used, when in fact it is simply the description of a financial transaction between two parties.

People consign their art and other valuables to Sotheby’s or Christies for auction, just in the same way people consign their
 high-end fashion and jewelry pieces to Once Again for resale.

The Vancouver Top Consignment Luxe ~ cozy sweaters

Once Again Resale offers a wide selection of  men's and women's sweaters that are luxurious and elegant.  

Are you looking for wool or cashmere sweaters ?

Let's stay warm, cozy and chic during the cold winter months, look no further than chunky knitwwear.
Whether you are snuggling up in front of the fireplace, strolling around town, or sitting in front of your computer, this versatile fashion trend is a must-have for Vancouver's winter.

Best consignment store in vancouver for winter coats

As  December nears, you can't help but start to think about what your winter wardrobe will contain!

 Do you think you're ready for 'The flasher mac'?

Will you be bringing back the wax jacket or rocking the tomboy look with an oversized mod parker?

Spice up your winter-wear with a sexy yet sensible mac.
 Think strong shoulders and clinched waist to create that classic feminine shape.
Wear with skinny jeans or tights to enhance the volume of your mac and reduce the size of your pins!
Finish off the look with a pair of pointed stilettos for a sharp, sophisticated and powerful outcome!

Vancouver's Luxury Consignment Shop

Cleaning out your original vintage Louis Vuitton trunk?

Don’t wear your 52nd Hermes scarf?

The lucky recipient of Birkin handbag for your birthday?

Worn that pair of rain boots from Chanel once in a rainy day in Vancouver? 

  For luxury fashion items in impeccable condition, 
 Once Again Resale is the best of all consignment stores in Vancouver.

Once Again Resale ~ Consignment and Life style

I do not just sell clothes at Once Again, I  create dreams.....

Each and every day is a special occassion...even if it is the worst day ever... why not look gorgeous?

 There are no rules in how to dress and what to wear.....

Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

It's all about your individual and personal style.

We dress for ourselves ~  not for the public; not for the fashion; not for the men.

What I do is about creating the fullness of the life around us ~ 

 from what we wear to the way we live.

Vancouver Upscale Consignment ~ Brand New Valentino stretch suede boots

Let's add a fashionable flair with these Valentino Stretch Suede Over-The-Knee Boots.

   Anything but basic, indeed plain and very much simple with no any other designs at all; these Valentino stretch suede boots  are just what you need to walk tall into the fall season from power-plays at the office to a relaxing and leisurely weekend.