Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Once Again Resale Consignment Shop
This is a hidden treasure with a bunch of loyal fans.  The store owner has selective taste and a feel for what would look and feel good, trendy and yet not trashy, upscale with consideration for great bargains. This is a place worthwhile visiting and revisiting.
~ Steven Wong recommended on Facebook ~

Really love Chanel! Read books about her life,how she began her career,the way she gave samples of her perfume,Chanel number 5, to soldiers to give to their wives,girlfriends,sisters and moms....brilliant marketing idea! Quality is out of this world....chains in the jackets so seams don t ride up,chains on purses to remind her where people kept the keys to the Orphanage, burgundy lining represents uniforms......The exquisite quality and thought,unfortunately, comes with a steep price...Enter Angel Hung at Once Again Resale,Once again online and best of all,she has a shop,Once Again,#2,1874 West 1st Ave. in Vancouver,BC ! Angel is enthusiastic,a big fan of quality and a wonderful help to me in finding the perfect bag.If you are like me and would rather talk to a knowledgeable person face to face,actually see and hold what you are buying, Angel and her shop are exactly what you need!
~ Kelly ~

 I used to sell on eBay and other consignment stores in Vancovuer, only to spend a lot of time without much payback on my high quality, well-kept, designer labels that I no longer wore or fit.

How I wish I could have all that clothing back to consign with Once Again Resale! Angel is conscientious about maintaining a fair deal for everyone. She gives honest advice and is willing to cut her consignment commission and get me the price I wanted for my Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel, Louis Vuttiion handbags and other high end designer labels stuffs. I can't believe Once Again Resale even took care of the dry cleaning charges. No consignment stores in Vancouver will be able to provide this kind of service.

~ Patty  ~

 Great consignment store for both men and women in Vancouver. I agree with what everyone else is pretty much saying... fresh find of new consignment stocks all the time....fabulous for finding amazingly great, expensive clothes at a huge discount price. I think it's fair to say that if it weren't for Once Again Resale, I don't think I would even have any clothes. Every time I pay down my credit card I end up walking into this place and instantly ruining weeks or months of discipline.

~ Ian ~

You just can't find quality merchandise like you can find at Once Again Resale and I love the owner, Angel. It's a social experience. It's like coming home every time I come in here. It's a consignment place to bring things in, because the turn around is so quick and it's like finding treasures every time I come.

~ Marianne ~