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Visit Once Again Consignment Shop and discover these timeless Chanel ballerina flat shoes.

Classic Chanel ballerina flats belong in every wardrobe. They are comfortable and look chic with almost every ensemble.

 Check out the fab and diverse ballet flats and select your favorites as they are truly fantastic!

Shop Rick Owens at Once Again Resale

For those of you who love Rick Owens as much as I do, come check out some selection of his styles at Once Again Resale.

Each piece has a masterful cut and is created with a twist. His tees, dresses and skirts are made from the softest and most luxurious materials: cashmere, wool, and such. 

Rick Owens is the latest offspring of the fashion and design world. Known as the “Prince of dark design”, Rick Owens has made a name for himself by putting forward unique design pieces that have since then made history.

The Prince’s favorite colors are usually black, white and gray. Sumptuous knits are proposed in the fashion scene every year. Rick Owens is also very famous for his draped dresses and luxury leather jackets. The Rick Owens label is definitely about sobriety with a touch of class—very high class.

Lanvin Rosa Quilted Satin Bag Gets you in Fall Fashion

We are loving Lanvin's line of chain strap bags this year. This tote is majorly on sale at Once Again Resale, this bag will not only bring you to fall fashion, but it will actually set a sumptuous fall and winter high-fashion styling on your totality.

Lanvin. Rosa Tote bag from Lanvin, wearable during the day in the city. It's enriched by charms and a velvet flower.  The price of about $1,991 actually proves that this is indeed a luxury. It may be hefty in pricing, but in exchange for that is an opulent purse that will keep you trendy and posh all through the season. Quilted design already makes up for the classy look of this purse and of any other purses as well. Even if it comes plain with just that, it will still manage to bring luxe to the bag.

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With Labor Day just passed, we're all looking for a way to bring fall's jewel tones, leather and black pieces into our wardrobes.

 For the "Luxury Addict" and Luxury Resellers alike, you'll find a wide selection of authentic designer clothing, shoes, handbags, jewely, watches and accessories at Once Again Resale.

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This is a causal, simple boutique filled with the season of fashion.

Fall Romance

…the sweet inspiration of fall & femininity…
peek-a-boo pink
vintage romance

Is All About Hermes Scarves And How to Tie Them

As a personal stylist, I get asked about different ways on how should one tie a scarf. As we all know, Hermes has the longstanding and well-deserved reputation for manufacturing the best. When it comes to creative and chic ways to wear scarves, it’s truly amazing what one item can do.

  Pli de Base

Bandeau Sixties
Top Cache-Coeur

Ceinture Anneau

Cowboy Anneau

Cowboy Fluide
 Cravate Fluide

Top Dos Nu Fluide

Bandouliere Sac

Maxi Cheche

Maxi Sac

Mini Cape

Pointe Fermiere

Mini Sac

Pirate Fleur


 Pirate Fluide

 Maxi Robe Papillon

Scout Anneau

Petit Tour de Cou

Bandeau Tresse


Coca-Cola Light 'Tribute to Fashion' charity event at Milan Fashion Week

Dozens of life-size Coca-Cola Light bottles decorated by Italy's top fashion houses took to a giant catwalk at the opening of Milan Fashion Week.

Here's Moschino!!

Coca-Cola Light bottles designed by Missoni, bearing the famous stripes synonymous with the designer label.

Coca-Cola Light bottles designed by Etro.

Coca-Cola Light bottles designed by Blumarine.

Coca-Cola Light bottles designed by Moschino, in a signature, over-the-top girly style.

Aren't they cute?

Bottles designed by Blumarine.

Coca-Cola Light bottles designed by Versace at the 'Tribute to Fashion' charity event as part of Milan Fashion Week.

The final line-up of Coca-Cola Light bottles designed by some of the biggest labels in fashion at the 'Tribute to Fashion' charity event as part of Milan Fashion Week.