Are you ready for a Chanel pearl necklace?

When it comes to pearls the first thought on our mind is Chanel pearl necklaces! ! They are so classy and sophisticated.

They transform any look from demure to dramatic, day or night. They aren’t pretentious, spell elegance, and you can wear them at any age, whether you’re a 20-year-old bohemian hippie, a 30-year-old blushing bride, or a 40-year-old first lady.

The beauty of the pearl is that it’s completely versatile without compromising sophistication in any case, whether you decide to go kooky preppy, boho chic or classically minimal.

The truth is, because Chanel pearl necklaces are such an iconic fashion staple, no matter how modernized or contemporary the design, they still manage to evoke a sense of sophistication and class. And I believe they will for many years to come. How do you feel about the pearl necklace? Where did you get your first strand? How would you wear it?

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