Is All About Hermes Scarves And How to Tie Them

As a personal stylist, I get asked about different ways on how should one tie a scarf. As we all know, Hermes has the longstanding and well-deserved reputation for manufacturing the best. When it comes to creative and chic ways to wear scarves, it’s truly amazing what one item can do.

  Pli de Base

Bandeau Sixties
Top Cache-Coeur

Ceinture Anneau

Cowboy Anneau

Cowboy Fluide
 Cravate Fluide

Top Dos Nu Fluide

Bandouliere Sac

Maxi Cheche

Maxi Sac

Mini Cape

Pointe Fermiere

Mini Sac

Pirate Fleur


 Pirate Fluide

 Maxi Robe Papillon

Scout Anneau

Petit Tour de Cou

Bandeau Tresse