Vintage Lunch at the Ritz Jewelry

The Lunch at the Ritz company has been around since 1982. It was started by two friends, Esme Hecht and Zander Elliott. They began making wild and funky earrings for women that wanted to wear something different, something that nobody else was wearing. The idea was to break out of the traditional and current fashion jewelry trends and create a jewelry line that expanded the rules of jewelry design.

The first designs were called Chinese Takeout, Seafood, and Moonstar. The earrings caught on like wildfire and women everywhere were buying them up.  Since then their pieces have developed a cult following with devoted collectors that search out every type of design ever made. Once a new series is introduced it sells out very quickly, as the supply doesn't keep up with demand for new pieces. It's no wonder that women drool over Lunch At The Ritz Jewelry, with all its sparkle and pizazz.

When asked how they came up with the company name Esme and Zander reply, "Our jewelry is an expression of our beliefs. It's a state of mind, not a place or body type. Picture something perfectly elegant and expensive, yet at the same time sunny and delicious. Whether you are dining in Paris or at the laundromat, grabbing a number a the deli counter or dinner dancing on a cruise, you can still be enjoying Lunch at the Ritz."  Not sure about the laundromat part, but the designs certainly are eye-catching.  

The founders admit that their jewelry isn't for everyone.  "Women either love it, or they just don't get it, and that's okay. The reactions to our creations are pretty extreme. We have women who own hundreds of pairs of our earrings, and there are women who wouldn't dream of buying even one."

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